Elise (Pain)

I have been suffering with psoriatic arthritis for many years. Reward CBD is the only thing so far that helps with my pain and joint immobility. I can't tell you how happy I am and how much you have changed my life! 

Kim (Sleep)

I started taking CBD as a health supplement and not for really any other reason. I had no idea that it helped with sleep! I have never slept well my whole life! After trial and error with my dosing I have found the perfect dose for the best sleep of my life! I have so much more energy and am so happy I can't even tell you! Thank you so much! 

Barbara (Neuropathy)

I am 75 and have been suffering from weakness and numbness in my lower legs for decades. I have tried every therapy, diet and supplement to help me. Nothing has done what my 3000 mg full spectrum CBD oil from Reward Botanicals has done. I take it internally and also rub it on my legs adding it to my Reward pain cream for that extra added boost! I now wake up with a spring in my step and can't believe it! Thank you Reward Botanicals! My search is over! 

Megan (Anxiety)

I am a very healthy and fairly young person! But I am a high anxiety, stressed out type A personality. It was subtle but after a little while of taking Reward CBD I started to notice myself as so much happier and realized I didn't feel any stress! It is hard to explain but I really can't believe how much better I am emotionally! Thank you so much! 

Lynn (Constipation)

Ok so I know TMI! But I have to let you all know that I have never been regular in my whole life. I eat a healthy diet including many veggies and fruits trying to combat this issue. And I drink a lot of water.  I started taking Reward CBD and after about a week I am totally regular for the first time in my life! What an amazing thing! Thank so much Reward Botanicals! 

Phyllis (Pain)

Reward's Pain cream is like a miracle! I had my knee replaced and have had surgery on my shoulder. I can not believe how much this cream just removes my pain and for a long time too! It is weird how different the pain relief is from say taking a pain medication. It is just gone! 


Kathy (Fibromyalgia)


  Ever  since I have been using Reward CBD Oil for my Fibromyalgia, I have been able to  do the things in life I missed doing. The pain was so great I just wanted to  roll in a ball and shut out the outside world. Of course that was impossible, so  I struggled from day to day. When I finally was talking to a lady from my  church, she suggested I try CBD oil. I researched and found out what to look for  in a quality CBD oil. Reward CBD oil has the quality I was looking for. I  ordered 1000mg. My life changed and I am a new person. I since have recommended  Reward CBD to my friends, and they say the same thing. It is a blessing to  anyone in any kind of pain or with anxiety. The mg. can be discussed with your  dealer. It is easy to get and is perfectly legal. CBD oil is really good for the  body also. My doctor was so proud of my blood readings. My cholesterol was  perfect for a young chick and blood pressure was fantastic. It was better than  ever. CBD does that to the body. It regulates everything inside. Thank you  Reward CBD OIL. You are my new best friend

Karen (Restless leg and more)


 Six months ago I started using Reward  CBD
oil, before that I was taking medical  marijuana. I find that with Reward
you don't have the negative reactions plus you  don't have to wait to drive
in case negative reactions kick in, because  there are not any with Reward
CBD oil.
    Reward has greatly reduced my knee pain  from bone on bone
arthritis, my diabetic neuropathy, plus my  restless leg syndrome which
prevented me from getting a good night's  sleep. My days were spent napping
with no energy and pain so bad in my legs I  didn't know how I could go on,
I was practically homebound.
   Reward CBD has given me a new outlook  on
life, Reward CBD oil has given me a new life  

CC (Raynaud's)


     I’ve  been doing  CBD oil now for about two months. I found that a lot of my  neurological symptoms have gotten better. My hands have quit shaking and  Raynaud's has gotten better.  I would tell anybody to give it a good try  —
 probably  two bottles — before you give up on it. It works!